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我恨这天! 它是吮! ;A; + (测验 meme:) handwriting + "ask ruito pt.1" 
Tenimyu || Setou Kouji
guess what i went to school early in the morning, yes we had upacara bendera in every Monday and that's make me sucks because of it =_=;; after that, we went to our class and teacher will come. before i go to my class, i went to the canteen and eat noodles in there xD! such a good student *nods*. when i still eat the noodles, i meet my music teacher; Mr. Dalono. but, all of my friends called him by Mr. DJ XDDDD LOL. i asked to Mr. Daljono about the school like this:

me: Sir, do we have to study by ourself or with the teacher?
Mr. Dj: you'll study with the teacher.

you know what?
i forgot to bring my books xD i though we just study by ourself and yeah.... no teachers in my class.
i panicked by my self and i want to dies in that time. WE STUDY WITH TEACHER?! DX
i don't know what i want to gonna to do. i just listen "ALWAYS - BAS 010" from my iPod.
that's the one solution i can rest a  bit.

but. i waiting for the teacher.
wait. my teacher still didn't come in yet? it's already late for study.

in the same moment, our principles talk in the microphone.
principles: attention to all the students, today we're not study. you can go home earlier if you want because of the teachers will have a meeting with student's parents this day, thank you.
calm down dees, the real nightmare will start next week.

anyway, this is hand writing meme i stolen from Leonie  magnoleo  :DDD

err... yeah, that's my hand writing for sure ^^;; if you have a question with this just ask to me and i'll asnwer it :D

another meme i got from ruirui_rabu (/^o^)/

"Ask Ruito Dees " Part One ♪

Q - Dees really likes ice cream, so which one would you recommend? (^v^)
A - wtf, who's told to you that i likes ice cream xD?! i hate sweet stuffs you know? hmmm... but i'll recommend for vanilla ice cream. i have been eat it and the taste is not too sweet :D

Q - Now that the year is over, what was your favourite part of the year?
A - meet new friends from lj \:D/ i love making new friends who have the same interest as me.

Q - Morning, noon or night - which type of sky is your favourite?
A - night. i love watching the stars from my window every times i sit in front of my beloved pc.

Q - Dees-kun, you sometimes have a black rubber accessory on your left hand or foot(?)
You always seem to wear it, is there any significance?
Or is it from somebody important?

A - ah you mean this? tokuta gave me this (weird) things on my birthday. well, this isn't important for me, though, she always give me more weird things. she said i must wear this, if not i'll get crush from her TToTT/

Q - Ice cream! Hoshiimo! What other foods do you like?
A - again, who said that i love ice cream xD?! other foods, i like beef yakiniku :D i can eat yakiniku with drinking soda so fast if you want to see lol. hmm... sometimes i love steak too ;3

Q - What things do you have to absolutely do every day?

A - always dancing alone in every moment and i always touch my hair.

Q - What fragrances do you like?

A - what? fragrances? dunno.

as for today, i have a random chat with Hikari hikaridranz  *hugs*. it's fun :D! first i asked to her want kind of singapore is? i think singapore is like hong kong in the night view <3. we talked more about tenimyu and tenipuri!! her favorite characters is Niou and Kura. me? *smirks* my favorite characters is Sanada and Akaya *o* (father and SON WTH xD?!). MINAMI IN SINGAPORE 3 MONTH AGO?! (added: and he's visited her area where she lived) minami i hate you (>o<)/ LOL.

geez, because of her i wanna go to singapore Dx and meet my old friend, Meita who study in there since we're graduation from elementary school ;A; ah! in singapore, i want to meet MAMIH (MAMA) Tokiseraphin_kaegan  too. she's sick right now and i hope my mother will fine soon ;_; and you to Akira akirasama  hope the dentist won't bite you and you'll better soon :DDD

and if you're interest in Taiwanese famous boyband called  Fēi Lún Hǎi 飞轮海, i want you tell me more about that famous boy band xDDD!! because i started like it ;D
gosh, they're have been come to Indonesia *o*
8th-Jan-2008 06:58 am (UTC)
xD; Yeah, I'm from Singapore. Eh, well, judging from the songs being played around here, and the no. of posters I saw being sold. I would think they're rather popular. And yes, with HanaKimi showing here too *nod* Wu Zun is really good-looking I must say, haha.

Hehe, I don't think I'll ever venture into Korean and Taiwanese groups. (More money spent???? D:)

Well, personally, I preferred the Jap version more xD;
8th-Jan-2008 08:24 am (UTC)
i wanna buy fei lun gai dvd's but... the dvd's is really expensinve than i was though =_=

yeah, japanese boyband :D
i preferred to choose kat-tun (^o^)/
8th-Jan-2008 01:30 pm (UTC)
lol, dvds are expensive!! *nod*

*Arashi fan*

Anyway, Sanada and Akaya ♥ Win.
8th-Jan-2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
oh, you're arashi fan *w*
i watched arashi in "music station" :D
oh god! they're always made a top10 rank in "music station"!!
i forgot what kind of song they're sing but, their performances are cool *w*
they're sang around the fans in the stage :D

xD! sanada and akaya :D! looks like father and son? LOL ♥
8th-Jan-2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
Hai! Arashi fan desu~! ♥ Hehe, they're good! Their songs, they've a wide range, but mostly ballads I would say. But there're some really upbeat songs too! And it seems that they sing for the dramas with their members in it too! :D

Hehe. Yukimura is the okaasan?
8th-Jan-2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
yukimura? of course *w* she's the mother of rikkaidai wth;; XD?!

ah... arashi fan is so many, ne *o*?
i got friends in here and they're most like arashi and news :D
i don't know they're is like what but... seems they're under JE's control, i bet their performances are in the best *w*

and it was right xD!!
8th-Jan-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Of course, with otousan Sanada-kun. Haha.

Yeah, there're lots of Arashi fans, and they're mostly nice~♥ KAT-TUN, so far, well, the 2 mains don't appeal to me. Haha. Actually I can't really remember who is in KAT-TUN and who is in NEWS. lol.
8th-Jan-2008 01:33 pm (UTC)
Singapore? I am from singapore too 8D

add? haha.
8th-Jan-2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
DX!! why all of people who i want to meet is always from THAT PLACE?!!! *slam the keyboard*

and you're from singapore too =_=
i wanna go to there! i won't go to hk DX!!
i know because in there is many tenipuri/tenimyu fans \:D/

and... OH MY GOD!! YOUR ICON *_______________________*
good job niou! i like the way you do it!! <---pervert?! LOL
8th-Jan-2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
Hmm why? HAHA. I am full of questions ne ~~ 8D

Yes lovely icon right? I took that picture from your page XD
8th-Jan-2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
ehem. okay, first my mami (lol) toki seraphin_kaegan in there, and then my "fight-pairing (fight-pairing in shonen-ai's pairing)" friend (more lol) Ravie ravient <---maybe she'll go to singapore 8D?, and then my senpai Hikari hikaridranz, summer "arashi fan xD!" summer88, and now is you!! LOL

many people from singapore, nee *o*

oh? stolen from my page XD?! i don't know about it :D
8th-Jan-2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
LOL.! i know seraphin_kaegan and ravient XDXD YAY.

yupps. many.

XDXDDD i think so!
8th-Jan-2008 03:40 pm (UTC)
WHAT?!! YOU KNOW THEM?! *fainted*
have you ever talk to them? ^^
8th-Jan-2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
Looks like Dees (<- I call you this ya?) has a lot of Singaporean friends xD;

*waves to augustxd* Yeah, feel free to (:
8th-Jan-2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
yes, dees is my name :D
*bods* i've a lot of singapore friends :)
but i never ever meet them all DX *cries + kick the door~*
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