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TVXQ || Sexy Yoochun
yay i'm back \8D/
well, it's looks like i got hiatus for a few weeks ^^;; *shot* i'm so sorry i couldn't update in here m(_ _)m im really sorry. i was too busy with my work on acolyte (err... because of some kind of reason i can't continue in acolyte). yes, that teacher, i should draw hands variations and he want me to draw my original style for next sunday.

me: what? original style?!
sensei: yes it is.
me: not the characters from doujinshi, i mean.
sensei: *nods*
me: oh i see. (scream loud in my mind: NO FROM DOUJINSHI?! Dx)

i could get heart-attack with that >_>;;

yes dees, next SUNDAY. not next WEEK.
i'm totaly fail because of i didn't continue it. damn it. he said "why you didn't come last day?". i nervous for a bit and replay his comment "i'm sorry, sensei. i had a math lesson in my school on sunday and i must prepare for 3rd grade this year". when he said back like "how old are you?" i said to him with innocent expression; "only 14 years old".

all of my classmate in acolyte scream that knew i was only 14 xD! what the heck wrong with me that i'm only 14 xD?! isn't that weird or something? i always confusen with this @_@ they're said that i'm looks like 'high school student' xD!! remember, i'm in 'junior-high school'

oh, in there, i has met new friend name; kevin <3 when putri or puti... aish, i'm really forgot the names, should i called her in here is 'p' (i'm so sorry ^^;;) open his sketch book, i felt like.... HE'S MY CHIBI's SENSEI *o*!! i want be your student kevin!!

yeah, you know. i'm still in process with my draw. i'm not pro or anything. i'm still... fail. more FAIL than my friends in my class. my work has been rejected by my sensei (even i couldn'y draw girls =_=;;). when i show him my girls draw, he said "oh, your boys draw is all bishonen, dees"


did he don't see that my girls draw is use some kind of skirts?! *dies*

i like draw bishonen (pretty boy, not handsome) boys with great hair-style :DDD. archie told me that i must draw some character for her with emo's hair. but... i don't know that i'm good at emo's style D:

my day in this weeks is full of schedule. if you call to my mobile, i'm sorry i couldn't answer it because of my WORK PROJECT is still not finish/done since last day *sigh*. really i wanted to go out from this nightmare and have fun with my friends outside in there.

another meme taken from Fyra fyrathilwen 

dees: favorite memeCollapse )

meme iTunes:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 10 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your flist guess who the artists are.

for someone who knew dong bang shin gi xD did you ever listen Purple Line Korean ver? ah, i notice that JaeJoong's voice is a bit diffrent. oh god, oh my god, omg!! PURPLE LINE IS KILLINGE ME XDDDD!!! I turn that music in my iTunes is counts 98 wth xD! i listen to dbsk "kiss shita mama sayonara" too ^^ hell yeah, that's the first song from dbsk who can made me crying like an idiot in front of my pc LOL. first, my tears just a little, but when Jae Joong scream "SAYONARA~!!" OMG!!! *slam the keyborad* sajdhuwdjshajkdskadas;;!! I'M CRYING HARD ;A; !! damn you tohoshinki (laughs)!!

Yamu sakube_yamu 
State in your comment you want me to do this meme for you k?
#1 = Tell you why I friended you.
#2 = Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.
#3 = Tell you something I like about you.
#4 = Tell you a memory I have of you.
#5 = Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
#6 = Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
#7 = In return, you must post this in your LJ--but only if you want. (no obligations!)

ps: actually i'm get sick while i wrote about this >D
Tenimyu || Setou Kouji
guess what i went to school early in the morning, yes we had upacara bendera in every Monday and that's make me sucks because of it =_=;; after that, we went to our class and teacher will come. before i go to my class, i went to the canteen and eat noodles in there xD! such a good student *nods*. when i still eat the noodles, i meet my music teacher; Mr. Dalono. but, all of my friends called him by Mr. DJ XDDDD LOL. i asked to Mr. Daljono about the school like this:

me: Sir, do we have to study by ourself or with the teacher?
Mr. Dj: you'll study with the teacher.

you know what?
i forgot to bring my books xD i though we just study by ourself and yeah.... no teachers in my class.
i panicked by my self and i want to dies in that time. WE STUDY WITH TEACHER?! DX
i don't know what i want to gonna to do. i just listen "ALWAYS - BAS 010" from my iPod.
that's the one solution i can rest a  bit.

but. i waiting for the teacher.
wait. my teacher still didn't come in yet? it's already late for study.

in the same moment, our principles talk in the microphone.
principles: attention to all the students, today we're not study. you can go home earlier if you want because of the teachers will have a meeting with student's parents this day, thank you.
calm down dees, the real nightmare will start next week.

anyway, this is hand writing meme i stolen from Leonie  magnoleo  :DDD

err... yeah, that's my hand writing for sure ^^;; if you have a question with this just ask to me and i'll asnwer it :D

another meme i got from ruirui_rabu (/^o^)/

as for today, i have a random chat with Hikari hikaridranz  *hugs*. it's fun :D! first i asked to her want kind of singapore is? i think singapore is like hong kong in the night view <3. we talked more about tenimyu and tenipuri!! her favorite characters is Niou and Kura. me? *smirks* my favorite characters is Sanada and Akaya *o* (father and SON WTH xD?!). MINAMI IN SINGAPORE 3 MONTH AGO?! (added: and he's visited her area where she lived) minami i hate you (>o<)/ LOL.

geez, because of her i wanna go to singapore Dx and meet my old friend, Meita who study in there since we're graduation from elementary school ;A; ah! in singapore, i want to meet MAMIH (MAMA) Tokiseraphin_kaegan  too. she's sick right now and i hope my mother will fine soon ;_; and you to Akira akirasama  hope the dentist won't bite you and you'll better soon :DDD

and if you're interest in Taiwanese famous boyband called  Fēi Lún Hǎi 飞轮海, i want you tell me more about that famous boy band xDDD!! because i started like it ;D
gosh, they're have been come to Indonesia *o*
TVXQ || Jae Joong -Reflect-
again, i was bored =_=
no-one can in here i can to talk to. well, my older brother seems in the bad mood, now. i don't know why but after he back from Kelapa Gading Mall, he runs to his room and kick the door hard O_O. seriously, i don't know anything. then, he locked the door by him self. i know all about him, if he gets angry, he'll come to my room to talk to me (and then, he mad at me because i'm too lazy to listen about his complains TT^TT/) or he'll listen to the visual-kei's music or korean's boyband in his ipod.

also, if my older brother is getting angry, all peoples in my house is completely silents.
hey, hey, he's the 2nd killer person who can make us afraid if he get mad (after my father of course :D)
ehem, maybe i just keep silent in front of him tomorrow?

oh yeah! and the great news is my father and my mother will come back to Indonesia tomorrow at 09.00 p.m \:D/ finally they're come back to home! *hugs*. my father bought something for me and i'm sure i'll post about that things in here :D

taken this meme from Fyra fyrathilwen  :D lol

the end?
hey, dees. where's niou's cosplayer you promised last update?
ah, forget about it right now. i'm so exited when i saw this from friendster and now i got it from the orginial one :3
thanks Ai aibachyderu for the friendster link! *bows*
for Chiharukazuhikochiharu, if saw this, you'll die. i'm sure you'll die. so please, do not open this. papa kane and kento-nii will killing me if i show you THIS picture. lol.

is anyone who see this can tell me that this is a doujinshi or a fanart O_O?
i was really confused with this because i'm not good in japanese okay?

oh god, niou you such an aggressive guy XD! look, yagyuu's face is so tired but you still doing it
eerr... yes, am i? *smacked* LOL.
sampe lj-cutnya ajah yg ini di bold-tin gara2 ratingnya r :D *nyerngit lg!*

you know? i still searching for another cosplayers but seems i write "niou" in the google, this picture is squealed me up from my bed. ARGHHHHH! just tell me who's the one can make such a PRETTY GOOD art like this?! *slam the keyboard*

Edit 1: why i'm not use chinese again?
i just check net that i already install the chinese language or not. lol. seriously XD! and seems that everyone who's don't know about chinese, i better switch to english right? <3
Edit 2: YAY \:D/ mamih (mama) Toki seraphin_kaegan will go to Japan and she promised to give me Kripik Singkong made by Chiba in there~~ OHHHH~ KRIPIK-SAMA *w* does anyone who read this know "Kripik Singkong" in english?
KAT-TUN || Akame Love
yay! 我的新布局是来 \:D/ 犯错... 我认为这不是新布局 = 。=
是 * w * 我的过去布局回来 :DDD
我爱我的其它布局但仍然似乎, css 是真正地崩裂我由响声任何决定在我前面 XD * 强光在我的键盘*
这种布局是... 呀, 我谈一谈了与我的伯父和问他怎么使用它;33 感谢您无论如何m(_ _)m * 弓*

yay! my new layout is comes \:D/ err... i think this is  not new layout =.=
yes *w* my past layout is back :DDD
i still love my another layout but seems that css is really crack me  up to slam anything in front of me XD *glares at my keyboard*
this layout is... yeah, i had a chat with my uncle and ask him how to use it ;33 thank you anyway m(_ _)m *bows*

并且... 欢迎到我的学报 :D
我改变了一切? 我改变了语言到汉语当然 (^o^)/
我好使用了简体中文? 繁体中文因为那是我的弱点 ToT/

and... welcome to my journal :D
i changed everything right? i changed the language to chinese of course (^o^)/
i used simplified chinese okay? not traditional chinese because that's my weakness ToT/
because of hong kong i started to learn more about the traditions and the  manners from the net and the books i bought last day with my aunt in bookstore.

我实际上害怕如果我去那里(_ _)|||
由于我不会到朋友在那儿 DX
我是 sms mayu 昨天并且她说她现在不是在香港, 她是在新西兰与她的家庭。

actually i'm afraid if  i go to there (_ _)|||
hell yeah i'm still afraid since last day.
because of i'll get no friends in there DX
i sms mayu yesterday and she said that she's not in hong kong  now, she's in new zealand with her family.


great. i'm the one who's don't know anything in there.

* 叹气* 我决定了对在网上在每天为不浪废我的时间。
我意味, 我仍然想要谈一谈与我的朋友在我去 香港!。
之前并且他们告诉我如果i 已经在机场我必须给他们 sms;33

*sigh* i decided to online in everyday for not wasting my time.
i mean, i still want to have a chat with my friends before i go to hong kong.
and they're told me if i already in airport i  must give them sms ;33

香港! 等我!!
虽则在有许多 bishounens 不是它吗? 笑 * 方式改变了360 度*

hong kong! wait for meee!!
though in there is so many bishounens isn't it? lol *mode changed 360 degrees*

ps: 原谅我如果我的中国语法是错误赞成 XD?!
我是没有赞成 ToT

ps: forgive me if my chinese grammar are wrong okay XD?!
i'm still no-pro ToT

可能再关于 rikkai cosplay 哼? 笑
设法做 niou cosplayers 像 (^o^)/ <---由于Leonie magnoleo 像 *w*

next update?
maybe about rikkai cosplay again huh? lol
try to make a niou cosplayers icons (>o<)/ <--- because of Leonie magnoleo icons *w*
FT Island || waiting
gah, i'm so tired doing like this. oh well, this is my claim list everyone \:D/ i forgot to put in my last 2007 entry :33
and now here it is! my claim list and my rating in tenipuri/tenimyu, JE's fandom, Air Gear, and Death Note

trip study in Hong Kong (plan changed :D)
finally i was so happy to hear from my father that i'll move to Hong Kong on January 30 to February 10 2008 \:D/ he's changed the plan so quickly :D and i'm not school in there!! but he still searching for my mandarin's teacher, che =.=
i'll try to online in there, okay? but just one thing i want to warn you (especially my friends from indonesia) do not call me. because i'll lose the signal in there and your number will be "private number" on my mobile phone screen. so, i decided not to bring my phone while i in there. really, i'm so sorry about this. i'll study in there, not as holiday m(_ _)m.

fanart styles=uke?
ah, ah, tried to draw niou again this day (added: bunta, of course <3) but... i don't know why since i changed my old style to new style like this. my draw is looks like.... UKE?! O___________________O;; (i'll post this unbelieveble draw next time after i finish it) happy now, Ai aibachyderu? now i can draw OshiGaku again for you if you want :D

Uriel rxrshrine photobook is so cute, i love sweet pair! (even i hate sweet stuufs (_ _)|||)
to Uriel rxrshrine, i found your blog on exteen.com and i had download your photobook that you cosplay as marui bunta and your friend as jirou *o* that's cool photobook!
thanks to Ai aibachyderu for the link!

awesome cosplayers
oh yeah, ineeded. niou cosplayers are KILLING ME XDDD LOLZ. i always get so... exited everytime i see someone who's cosplay as niou or everything about rikkai (*___________*) this is

public announcement wth XD?! (chiharu kazuhikochiharu, ai aibachyderu, iori, and hikaru shut up! XD)
you know? i started like masa while i was stalking his blog to see his pictures DX gah! i got karmaaa!!


i like the guy who's use megane and has bishonen's hair?
when i was finished watch "Bishonen Celebrity", i love him the most because of his characters is so cold *_________* that's makes him looks cool :3

at least, Marui rin_saito say again that i'm looks more like a guy not like a girl?

notice at my music? "Super Junior - Rokkuguh" this is Widi-chan kisame_widi's fault who's turn on this music everytimes XD now, i'm downloading the MV because of you lolz
JE || shigetehopi
to all my friends from Indonesia, Hong Kong (mayu i miss you so much), and from my f-list (added: Yuu :D) i wanted to say i'm so sorry if i had a bad move or anything made you angry at me or want to kill me (especially is Archie :D).

created by me; rourietosama  
image credit: rikkai fanart @ rikkai.net


this meme i taken from Grey  greyhakuro  :DD

once again, i'm glad i had a new friends from many countries or another states :DDD
ilu guys who's always gave me comments and share your feelings with me, yokatta ne.

again, thank you so much!

well, go to sleep now (^o^)/

ps: sorry i can't post  rikkai cosplay "backstage" and "sanayuki" parts because my card reader is still stolen by my older brother T^T/ sorry, maybe sometimes.

Edit 1: *pround pose* finally, finally!! I found Sanada's cosplayer from TAT's name :DD yeah!! learn chinese is not bad as i hough ^^ *quickly write in notepad*. i'll quickly search for niou <3
TVXQ || Jae Joong -Reflect-
yay!! finally i was arrived at home with my older brother today *jumping to the bed*
oh, well, after i had photosets in Widi-chan kisame_widi and Arsen arsenfreya's house :D
you can see the pictures of us in Akira akirasama's LJ (huh, i'm so lazy to upload them all from my phone because i've 89 PHOTOS i took in their house lol)

actually, yesterday i spend at night in their house with kaichama because i was too lazy to go home.
no-one in my house that time ToT.
first, my parents do they work in other states (they're really, really, workaholic)
second, my older bother still study in his uni at night (he's already 19 now, going to 20 this year 8D)
and third, i bored to listen all of my grandmother complain if i go home =.=

oh! oh!! i almost forgot, Widi-chan kisame_widi cosplay as Sanada *o* (kaneee!!) and Arsen arsenfreya cosplay as Yukimura and they're do the "that" thing at night XDDD lolz.

the photographer it was Kai kaichama she took the pictures with Widi-chan kisame_widi's mobile phone, and me with... my mobile phone... too :D
i with Kai kaichama took the pictures with "The Matrix" mode lol.
my back is so hurt to stand like that.
but, it's okay :33

i'll post the "backstage" and "sanada-yukimura"'s pictures when we're all still in their house because of that RAIN DX (i always hate you rain~!!)

i'm happy i can meet the new friends in there~ *hugs*.
but everyone seems that don't believe i'm just only 14 (>_<)/ (because of my height is tall?)
junior high school is loveee!!

hyaaa! and for everyone who's wants to see cosplay about niou, just ask me and i'll find it for you :DD

thank you to the_trickst3r who's upload the cosplay pictures <33 i love it you know?
for Ai aibachyderu, sorry, sorry, sorry, i can't online in that time, i realy soorrrryyy m(_ _)m
TVXQ || Jae Joong -Reflect-
today i had a chat with Chiharu kazuhikochiharu and Ai aibachyderu again (^o^)/. uh, well i wanted to have a chat with them because on first february to the end of february, i'll move to hong kong *banzai*. i talked to my father last day about this sad things because i can't meet my friends. true, i still not talk to my friends about this news. oh, i just with my father move to hong kong. my mother, my younger sister, and my younger brother still in indonesia. they're don't ome with us. my father told me to come with him because i must study about english and mandarin's langsuge DX. that's sucks i know it =.=

and my older brother celebrate my birthday party in Deesert Restaurant that I HATE IT SO MUCH. you know why? because i hate sweet stuff ToT/. my birthday is on October 13th, because that day is Lebaran's Day and we can't celebrate my birthday party, my older brother decided to celebrate it in that restaurant.

he asked to me that i must eat all of sweet stuffs in that restaurant. if i'm not, he'll burn all of my tenipuri collections and i can't read manga againnnnnnnnnn ;__________________________;

that's the worst day ever in my life.

after we're all arrived in our house, i quickly go to the bath room to brush my teeth.

i hate you aniki T^T.

i didn't post the picture when we're in restaurant because the pictures is so creepy to see XDDD LOLZ.

also, i had changed my layout to dong bang shin gi's black white mode.
thanks to tinseltown16 for the css *hugs*

i want to approve something in here.
1. because of i stalked masa's pictures in his blog last day, i don't know why that i can fall in love with him O.O?! *look at my icon XD*
2. in pureboys members, i do not choise baba, i choose kei-chan for sure 100%! *______________*
3. i had a bit surprise that minami is still study in waseda university (*o*) i don't know he's genius *fainted*
4. finally Chiharu kazuhikochiharu found dori and rurui's school. the school is OMG DAMN COOL than our school in indonesia *sobsob*
5. i've a blog at ninja.jp (indonesian only), first i don't know that's masa's blog in there too because i found it ramdomly in google, second, the layout is same as him XD i don't know how to changed it before Ai aibachyderu could see it 8O. but, it's too late, she already see it ToT/

oh yeah XD! next is my family in tenimyu again XDD
watch out! you couln't believe that my family is an emperror *proud*

you can see my beloved father and my mother in here (^o^)/

at least, i've a question:

does anyone in here know the rikkai fanart's site?
i need for my work *runs away*


edit 1: on desember 28th i can wait for it (^o^)/
Nightmare || Get Down

I just want to share this to everyone.
Really, This is really shocking me, enough.
Maybe I'll leave Ba-chon and gave him to hikari_kasugawa.
Happy, now Hikari? Baba is all yours *push Baba away from me to you*

True that I love Sanada :D
But, this is diffrent.
I scream so much in love when I was saw the entry in nympholepsia 's LJ
You can see the entry in here.

I'M IN LOVE WITH MY FATHER?! XDD *slaps my face really hard*
I mean, I'm in love with Kane-chan?!

kazuhikochiharu , really I'm sorry.
But I can't keep this feelings (>_<)/
I'm very very sorry that I love with our beloved father ;_______________;

Maybe Mama Yagami must be single mother for us, okay? XD *kicks my butt*

Oh, God. His face in Leah's entry is so damn hot.
It's make me melt.

Now, I don't know why I always look away if my pc sreen server picture is Kane-chan *sobsob*
Yagami, forgive me. Can I take away Kane-chan from you to be mine? *runs away*

Edit 1: hellgavel , HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry, I didn't know it earlier ;__________; I'm very sorry m(_ _)m. It's okay, I'll draw someone in Tenipuri, err... maybe Rikkai XD? as your birthday's present *__________*. I was so exited you come to Jakarta :DDD
TVXQ || Sexy Yoochun
*kicks the door*

Gah! DAMN IT! I hate this day DX

My driver can't go with me to arsenfreya</lj> 's house u________u. Che, I already called him last day ago and told him that I'll go to my friend's house on Saturday. And I've been bought the present earlier and write my message on the birthday's card.

Today, I didn't go to school (>_<)/. Because of today is porsemi (translare: sports festival) and I was the comitte of it XD. But, I decided to cancel my day to the buchou and went to my house earlier. Aaahhh... when I was at home, I always look at my watch. I can't be patient like this. I was so exited to meet Arsen :D and akirasama</lj> X33.

But, I realize something.

Why my driver didn't already yet?

I gave him sms like: "Where are you?"
He replay it like this: "I was still in Cirebon, Dees. I'll be back for hours later"

Great, Dees. Now you'll waiting for your driver in here.
I hate being patient. But, oh well. I do it.

1 hour later, 2 hours later...


Honestly, I stressed in that moment and quickly grab my phone and give him sms.

me: Where are you right now?

I waiting, waiting, waiting, and finally my message tone "Chain (Chain)" is ringing XDDD.
And you know the sms is like what?

my driver: I was still in Cirebon and I'll be back tomorrow morning.

*throw my phone to the ground until the batteray is dead*

Aaahhh... Dees, calm down. You can send her your present *pat my self*. I started to push my self to the bed and closing my eyes. Sleep. My eyes is hard to open. I don't care that my older brother shouted at me when I was sleep on his beloved bed XD. So he sleep next to me (sister compex?! *smacked X3*)

After I fall asleep, I woke up at 12:30 am XD and I found that kazuhikochiharu</lj> is still awake! Great, Chiharu! All of my frustation is totaly clear by my self! Because we talked about tenimyu all the time (*________________*) About tenimyu, I'm still in process to created tenimyu family fic with  kazuhikochiharu</lj> :DDDD. I'll be the older sister and she's my younger sister ;D (in the reality, our birth-year is same LOL)

You can see the family tree in here. If you want to see our beloved parents, you can view in here :DD


And... DA-DA-DA-DA-DADANG!! *dan's version*
As my promise, I'll post Yukimura's sketch (*_______________*)

Title: Birthday's give for Yagami Renn(?) <---bad name (>_<)/
Created by: me; rourietosama</lj>
Fandom: Tenipuri
Character(s): Yukimura Seiichi
Rating: Work-safe
Media arts: Pencil, sketch book, photoshop.

Tomorrow, I can rest my self in one day.
Live is great *turn off the lamp and sleep*

ps: kazuhikochiharu, kayaknya tuh fic musti kita buat lebih gil lagi XD.
Apa may berubah jadi "Keluarga Ningrat Kanesaki" LOL *dirajam pake meriam tni*
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