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Dees 是这样一疯狂fangirl? + kime q&a meme 
TVXQ || Jae Joong -Reflect-
again, i was bored =_=
no-one can in here i can to talk to. well, my older brother seems in the bad mood, now. i don't know why but after he back from Kelapa Gading Mall, he runs to his room and kick the door hard O_O. seriously, i don't know anything. then, he locked the door by him self. i know all about him, if he gets angry, he'll come to my room to talk to me (and then, he mad at me because i'm too lazy to listen about his complains TT^TT/) or he'll listen to the visual-kei's music or korean's boyband in his ipod.

also, if my older brother is getting angry, all peoples in my house is completely silents.
hey, hey, he's the 2nd killer person who can make us afraid if he get mad (after my father of course :D)
ehem, maybe i just keep silent in front of him tomorrow?

oh yeah! and the great news is my father and my mother will come back to Indonesia tomorrow at 09.00 p.m \:D/ finally they're come back to home! *hugs*. my father bought something for me and i'm sure i'll post about that things in here :D

taken this meme from Fyra fyrathilwen  :D lol

Kime Q&A meme:

Q1) What kind of person is Dees?

A1) easy-going, prediction, full of judging, and logical. but will forgot the simple things sometimes.

Q2) What memories do you have of your first love?
A2) he's so self-proclaimed genius :|

Q3) What's a word you like?
A3) genius. oh yes *o*

Q4) What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
A4) check my message in my mobile-phone, then connect my net to check my mail.

Q5) What's your theme song for today?
A5) minagawa junko - crying sky. that's the one song can make me fall asleep just 2 minutes.

Q6) What's your cooking forté?
A6) err... that's my worst subject. I just good at poured the hot waters to the cup of tea so quickly.

Q7) What foods do you like?
A7) beef teriyaki and kakuteki (japanese salad).

Q8) What foods do you dislike?
A8) sweet stuffs and vegetables.

Q9) What's a strange habit of yours?
A9) - i'll cry so hard if i watch every dorama sense, but i don't cry if my father angry at me.
- sleep without put my glasses off.

Q10) What's your special skill?
A10) killing someone with card games.

Q11) What's your favorite season?
A11) winter.

Q12) What's the thing you want most right now?
A12) silver gray contact lense.

Q13) What's something you collect?
A13) manga ♥ and magazine idol. but now i started to collect many things about silver pendant.

Q14) What's your first memory?
A14) my finger got bite by someone i know since kindergarden. he's really a good-biter who can make my finger is full of blood.

Q15) What's your nickname?
A15) dees, yue, er-pon, de-chan, yunyun, nagacchi, nagacchon, rourieto-kun, etc.

Q16) What animal are you most like?
A16) owl 8D. that's reminds me by minami's eyes.

Q17) What's your weakness?
A17) someone hug me from behind and rain at night.

Q18) What was your dream for the future when you were a child?
A18) i always wanted to be pink ranger of the guild called power rangers and ultraman gaia's partner.

Q20) What's the first CD you ever bought?
A20) west life.

Q21) What book or author do you like?
A21) the lost word; sir arthur conan doyle. he's so fantastic can write so details in every single part.

Q22) What movies do you like?
A22) mandarin's kung-fu movie.

Q23) What games are you into?
A23) lineage 2 chronicles 4.

Q24) What's something you're obsessed with?
A24) hong kong cosplayers are damn great.

Q25) What songs do you sing often at karaoke?
A25) ricky martin and backstreet boys.

Q26) What's a magazine you read habitually?
A26) animonster and omega (online games).

Q27) What's something in the news that you're worried about?
A27) err... seriously i'm never watch some kind of news on the tv or on my radio phone, but i'm afraid of global warming news.

Q28) Who's someone you respect?
A28) yue sheng shi-sensei :D (is arts is a GOD. seriously. is a GOD) second, my father (what kind of daughter am i?! lol)

Q29) What kind of man do you think is cool?
A29) has an intelligent mind, can make a clever plan in the difficult problem, and always getting serious in the conversation we have. about the characters well you see i'm like the intellectual-serious-logical man :D. (hmm, isn't that reminds you of tezuka-buchou |D?)

Q30) What kind of woman do you like?
A30) someone can easy to talk to, has a cheer-full side, and nice to people. i don't really good to describe about woman, sorry. oh, one thing! i love dorky side lol.

Q31) What behavior do you think is cute in a woman?
A31) over-protective woman. i always laugh if i see some women like this, she's so worried in everything.

Q32) What's the most important thing in love?
A32) honest, maybe.

Q33) What's something you find scary?
A33) my mandarin's report result.

Q34) What do you do to stay healthy?
A34) eat fruits is better than eat vegetables (new quote?)

Q35) What do you always drink when you get out of the bath?
A35) ice tea.

Q36) What's something you always do before you go to sleep?
A36) read platinum pair doujins. i can imagine that niou will do that to yagyuu in my dream when i went to sleep. pervert! XD

Q37) What's the most relaxing place to be?
A37) in front of my beloved pc.

Q38) What foreign country would you like to try going to?
A38) beijing. since i'm life in china, i've never visit beijing or shang hai in there. my father is hong kong's lover because of his departement in there. shit.

Q39) If you had a month's vacation, what would you do?
A39) keep staying in my cold room and internet 24 hours non stop! justice!

Q40) If you could use magic, what would you do?
A40) i want to try my body is half disappear.

Q41) Predict something.
A41) predict that my father will angry at me because of the net payment.

Q42) If the world were going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?
A42) pray and say to my friends that i love you.

Q43) What's the most interesting thing you've seen/done lately?
A43) tokuta gave me a chinese new year card with the title "gong xi fat chai" in the new year eve. are you crazy tokuta XD?! this is still january, not february! lol

Q44) What's made you the most angry recently?
A44) someone use my pc without my permission. i hate that.

Q45) What's something you've been really taking great care to do?
A45) my items is always broken if i touch that.

Q46) What's something you plan to do this year?
A46) oh? i don't know. prepare my self to study in hong kong i guess.

Q47) What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
A47) dunno. i'm not thinking so far like that. i'm still middle junior high school student.

Q48) How do you want to spend your time during your old age?
A48) trying to lying down in the sofa with a cup of ice tea and saw someone working in my green-garden.

Q49) What is music to you?
A49) my soul. i'll die if just one day not turn on the music.

Q50) Lastly, please say a few words to the readers.
A50) ............ what?

the end?
hey, dees. where's niou's cosplayer you promised last update?
ah, forget about it right now. i'm so exited when i saw this from friendster and now i got it from the orginial one :3
thanks Ai aibachyderu for the friendster link! *bows*
for Chiharukazuhikochiharu, if saw this, you'll die. i'm sure you'll die. so please, do not open this. papa kane and kento-nii will killing me if i show you THIS picture. lol.

is anyone who see this can tell me that this is a doujinshi or a fanart O_O?
i was really confused with this because i'm not good in japanese okay?

oh god, niou you such an aggressive guy XD! look, yagyuu's face is so tired but you still doing it
eerr... yes, am i? *smacked* LOL.
sampe lj-cutnya ajah yg ini di bold-tin gara2 ratingnya r :D *nyerngit lg!*

you know? i still searching for another cosplayers but seems i write "niou" in the google, this picture is squealed me up from my bed. ARGHHHHH! just tell me who's the one can make such a PRETTY GOOD art like this?! *slam the keyboard*

Edit 1: why i'm not use chinese again?
i just check net that i already install the chinese language or not. lol. seriously XD! and seems that everyone who's don't know about chinese, i better switch to english right? <3
Edit 2: YAY \:D/ mamih (mama) Toki seraphin_kaegan will go to Japan and she promised to give me Kripik Singkong made by Chiba in there~~ OHHHH~ KRIPIK-SAMA *w* does anyone who read this know "Kripik Singkong" in english?
6th-Jan-2008 01:53 am (UTC)
I snagged that meme as well XD

And, omg, that D1 picture killed me ♥ Yay for hot smex :9
6th-Jan-2008 04:37 am (UTC)
YAY \:D/
niou is so... ah! totaly pervert XDDD!!!
6th-Jan-2008 02:50 am (UTC)
ha?link fs apaan?O_O
btw,itu saya nemunya di fs anak cosplayer dari tim euphoria yang masuk animonster loh *-*,keren tuh,suka tenipuri yaoi juga *-*
6th-Jan-2008 04:38 am (UTC)
hohohohohoho.... suka tenipuri yaoi jg *w*
musti gwa seret buat bahan experimen nh...
6th-Jan-2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
eat fruits is better than eat vegetables (new quote?)
NUUUUU. veggie is better. *___* *ga penting*

6th-Jan-2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
NUUUUU. veggie is better. *___* *ga penting*
oh salah itu! buah lebih keren dari pada sayur!! *blekh*

ehehehehe... gambarnya cling cling kan *3*
gah! my eyes!! IT'S SO SHINYYYY, RIONSS!!! (*w*)/

6th-Jan-2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
*fans self* that d1 pic.... oh gosh SO HOT :D
7th-Jan-2008 05:51 am (UTC)
7th-Jan-2008 11:45 am (UTC)

emank ada kripik singkong di jpn.. ^^;;
7th-Jan-2008 02:52 pm (UTC)
ada kok *w*
aiba kan pernah makan kripik singkong yg pas dia di cool-up :D
di hk juga ada!

gila nih fanart top dah *o*
7th-Jan-2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
oh ya? *ga perhatiin*

XDDDD gw ditadahin ma KatoKei FTW?! *dihajar Kouhei*

7th-Jan-2008 01:49 pm (UTC)
[s]kepala[/s]kelapa gading mall... the last time I went there I was in a bad mood too =x *was being a spoilt kid*
7th-Jan-2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
you've been in indonesiaa?! *o*
kepala kelapa gading is in north-jakarta, isn't it? :D
that's near my house you know? LOL
7th-Jan-2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
ops 8DDD forgot that it's html *my brain is not functioning properly*

anyway I'm bored D: want someone to talk to (but there's school...)
7th-Jan-2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
oh, hikari, you're bored? why? is that because of your school??
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