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我恨这天! 它是吮! ;A; + (测验 meme:) handwriting + "ask ruito pt.1" 
Tenimyu || Setou Kouji
guess what i went to school early in the morning, yes we had upacara bendera in every Monday and that's make me sucks because of it =_=;; after that, we went to our class and teacher will come. before i go to my class, i went to the canteen and eat noodles in there xD! such a good student *nods*. when i still eat the noodles, i meet my music teacher; Mr. Dalono. but, all of my friends called him by Mr. DJ XDDDD LOL. i asked to Mr. Daljono about the school like this:

me: Sir, do we have to study by ourself or with the teacher?
Mr. Dj: you'll study with the teacher.

you know what?
i forgot to bring my books xD i though we just study by ourself and yeah.... no teachers in my class.
i panicked by my self and i want to dies in that time. WE STUDY WITH TEACHER?! DX
i don't know what i want to gonna to do. i just listen "ALWAYS - BAS 010" from my iPod.
that's the one solution i can rest a  bit.

but. i waiting for the teacher.
wait. my teacher still didn't come in yet? it's already late for study.

in the same moment, our principles talk in the microphone.
principles: attention to all the students, today we're not study. you can go home earlier if you want because of the teachers will have a meeting with student's parents this day, thank you.
calm down dees, the real nightmare will start next week.

anyway, this is hand writing meme i stolen from Leonie  magnoleo  :DDD

err... yeah, that's my hand writing for sure ^^;; if you have a question with this just ask to me and i'll asnwer it :D

another meme i got from ruirui_rabu (/^o^)/

"Ask Ruito Dees " Part One ♪

Q - Dees really likes ice cream, so which one would you recommend? (^v^)
A - wtf, who's told to you that i likes ice cream xD?! i hate sweet stuffs you know? hmmm... but i'll recommend for vanilla ice cream. i have been eat it and the taste is not too sweet :D

Q - Now that the year is over, what was your favourite part of the year?
A - meet new friends from lj \:D/ i love making new friends who have the same interest as me.

Q - Morning, noon or night - which type of sky is your favourite?
A - night. i love watching the stars from my window every times i sit in front of my beloved pc.

Q - Dees-kun, you sometimes have a black rubber accessory on your left hand or foot(?)
You always seem to wear it, is there any significance?
Or is it from somebody important?

A - ah you mean this? tokuta gave me this (weird) things on my birthday. well, this isn't important for me, though, she always give me more weird things. she said i must wear this, if not i'll get crush from her TToTT/

Q - Ice cream! Hoshiimo! What other foods do you like?
A - again, who said that i love ice cream xD?! other foods, i like beef yakiniku :D i can eat yakiniku with drinking soda so fast if you want to see lol. hmm... sometimes i love steak too ;3

Q - What things do you have to absolutely do every day?

A - always dancing alone in every moment and i always touch my hair.

Q - What fragrances do you like?

A - what? fragrances? dunno.

as for today, i have a random chat with Hikari hikaridranz  *hugs*. it's fun :D! first i asked to her want kind of singapore is? i think singapore is like hong kong in the night view <3. we talked more about tenimyu and tenipuri!! her favorite characters is Niou and Kura. me? *smirks* my favorite characters is Sanada and Akaya *o* (father and SON WTH xD?!). MINAMI IN SINGAPORE 3 MONTH AGO?! (added: and he's visited her area where she lived) minami i hate you (>o<)/ LOL.

geez, because of her i wanna go to singapore Dx and meet my old friend, Meita who study in there since we're graduation from elementary school ;A; ah! in singapore, i want to meet MAMIH (MAMA) Tokiseraphin_kaegan  too. she's sick right now and i hope my mother will fine soon ;_; and you to Akira akirasama  hope the dentist won't bite you and you'll better soon :DDD

and if you're interest in Taiwanese famous boyband called  Fēi Lún Hǎi 飞轮海, i want you tell me more about that famous boy band xDDD!! because i started like it ;D
gosh, they're have been come to Indonesia *o*
8th-Jan-2008 03:32 am (UTC)
*pats* tabah ya.. ^^;;

tulisannya bagus... typical anak ce.. hahahah

eh? minami dtg ke Singapore bukannya 3tahun yg lalu? ^^;

drpd ke sing, gmn klo ke sydney brg saya? huahahhaha

uh boyband... taiwan lagi.. ga selera. ahhaha.. *is shot*
8th-Jan-2008 06:09 am (UTC)
boyband taiwan tuh BISHO2!!! JANGAN SALAH!!! *berpose*
hooo~ si ravie ngajak brantem lagi! lol
-yak! mulai perang lagi sodara2!!

ehe. emang saya cowok cewek! xD!

3 thn yg lalu? kok saya liatnya 3 bulan yg lalu O_O?
apa mata gwa yg cengo gara2 ga pake megane =_=? <---makin cengo.

minami jangan ke sydney, kasian dia bhs inggrisnya ancur *dibom*
8th-Jan-2008 01:04 pm (UTC)
BODOOOO!!! klo bkn jepang, ga ada selera de~ hueheheheh

eh? tp dia blg 3thn lalu loh.. jelas2 gw denger TAHUn bukan BULAN! LOL

ih~ sapa yg srh dia ke sydney.. ngotorin sydney aj~ huahahahah~ mendingan katokei deh yg ke sydney~ btw, dia uda ke bali loh.. Ohohohoho~
8th-Jan-2008 03:12 pm (UTC)
wth?! akajjakslasjkdkasl;;!!!
jepang ma taiwan kan sipit2 juga =_=

oh berarti minami 3 taon yg lalu, bkn bulan xD! <---salah informasi.
jd malu saya~ *ngakuan di depan pers*

katokei ke jakarta ajah~ ga usah ke sydney, entar banyak di taksir cewe!!! mendingan di jakarta ajahhh!!!

8th-Jan-2008 03:26 pm (UTC)
tetep aj~ heheh.. apalagi boyband.. I hate boyband.. PureBOYS adlh 1-1nya boyband yg g suka..

weih! jakarta malah lbh bahaya drpd sydney~ hahahah

LOL! karena Bali lbh terkenal dr Jakarta? LOL
8th-Jan-2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
lah? ga suka boyband? O_O tak kira suka. knp suka pervpureBOYS?? |DD

iyalah jkt lebih bahaya drpd sydney =_=
hp gwa yg ke-e kan ilang di bis, di JAKARTA pula *meninggal*

jd si president indonesia ngubah bali jd ibukota ajah =_=
entar bishonen2 pd demen di bali lg drpd di jkt DX

ravie di sono ada bishonen kagak *o*? <---kumatnya kambuh
8th-Jan-2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
Pertama seh gr2 byk tenimyu boys yg masuk.. g cm lht2 aj. trs ngeliat Kampai PV yg slalu bs bkn stress gw ilang, jdnya ikut trs~ eh, ketemu KatoKei&Kouhei~ sbnrnya seh gw da tau KatoKei dr Happy Boys. Tp kyknya ketutup gr2 ada KenKen&Setomaru.. huahaha

*pats* tp gpp kan? jd mlh bs bli hp baru~ XD

ROFL! Di sydney? klo lo dmn org bule seh byk.. tp gw kan ga gt suka org bule, jdnya gw blg ga.. T_Tv
8th-Jan-2008 04:04 pm (UTC)
XDDDDD!!! *gebrak2 meja* orang bule 8DD!!
setiap gwa ma aniki gwa ngeliat orang bule di mall pasti histeris sendiri ngomong "WUOI!! ADA BULE! ADA BULE" lol <---norak!

iya~ katokei alias abank saya sepupuan sama mamah ouji judes sekali disitu *o*
8th-Jan-2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
^^;; mknya ke sydney~ penuh kok dgn org bule~ XDD

anooo... bs ga jgn ngeclaim diri sbg 'seseorg' dr mereka.. jujur aj, gw tuh paling ga suka ma org kyk gt.. well, sbnrnya seh bukan hak gw buat ngomong ini... tp yah, ga enak aj dibaca... stidaknya, jgn bahas di dpn gw gt.. maap klo menyinggung... m(_ _)m
8th-Jan-2008 04:34 pm (UTC)
nge-claim seseorang tuh opo? @_@
oce.. manggap deh m(_ _)m
tak kira ravie tinggal di sg bareng sama toki kok di syney? O_O?
kok di ostrali???
8th-Jan-2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
hmm.. kyk l ngomong 'baba itu suami saya' or 'katokei alias abank saya' gt de.. ^^;;;

maap.. lg panas seh gw gr2 seseorg jg.. hahaha...

ARE!? SEJAK KAPAN GW DI SING?! bwhahahah!! salah info lagi tuh! gw kul di sydney lagi... ^^a;;
8th-Jan-2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
habis bhs.indo gwa emang jelek *shot!*
oh begityu O_O baru ngartos nih.

klo ravie lg panas saya lg dingin di kamar o(::...::)o

WAK?!! SAYA SALAH INFO LAGI XDDD?!!!! akajsjaksls;;!!
kayaknya gwa terkenal dgn "ratu kesalahan kalimat" deh =_=
salah info mulu =_=

gwa juga baru nyadar pas kai ngomong "klo si ravie di sydney".
kok skrg gwa pengen menjajal singapore yh? O_O?
8th-Jan-2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
iya.. PANAS bgt disini! sampe2 kena journal Toki jg~ XD

LOL! gpp~ sing emank lbh bkn fangirls nya she.. *sigh* agak nyesel jg.. pdhl uda diterima di NAFA.. T_Tv
8th-Jan-2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
loh? kok panas? bukannya sydney tuh dingin malahan.
NAFA apaan tuh? NAFAurbah artis indonesia? lol. saya bener2 ga tw luar negeri kecuali hk XD!!!!! <--negara tetangga ajah kagak tw coba.
8th-Jan-2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
nah! salah info lagi neh.. g lg di jkt sayangku.. hhahhahah
di sydney lg lagi panas kok.. lg summer.. ehhe

NAFA tuh Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.. salah 1 uni design yg top di sing. rions disono.. tp g buang gr2 ga suka singlish.. pgn bljr english yg asli! ahhaha
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