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工作计划 + meme: favorites 测验 + 동방신기 purple line *w* 
TVXQ || Sexy Yoochun
yay i'm back \8D/
well, it's looks like i got hiatus for a few weeks ^^;; *shot* i'm so sorry i couldn't update in here m(_ _)m im really sorry. i was too busy with my work on acolyte (err... because of some kind of reason i can't continue in acolyte). yes, that teacher, i should draw hands variations and he want me to draw my original style for next sunday.

me: what? original style?!
sensei: yes it is.
me: not the characters from doujinshi, i mean.
sensei: *nods*
me: oh i see. (scream loud in my mind: NO FROM DOUJINSHI?! Dx)

i could get heart-attack with that >_>;;

yes dees, next SUNDAY. not next WEEK.
i'm totaly fail because of i didn't continue it. damn it. he said "why you didn't come last day?". i nervous for a bit and replay his comment "i'm sorry, sensei. i had a math lesson in my school on sunday and i must prepare for 3rd grade this year". when he said back like "how old are you?" i said to him with innocent expression; "only 14 years old".

all of my classmate in acolyte scream that knew i was only 14 xD! what the heck wrong with me that i'm only 14 xD?! isn't that weird or something? i always confusen with this @_@ they're said that i'm looks like 'high school student' xD!! remember, i'm in 'junior-high school'

oh, in there, i has met new friend name; kevin <3 when putri or puti... aish, i'm really forgot the names, should i called her in here is 'p' (i'm so sorry ^^;;) open his sketch book, i felt like.... HE'S MY CHIBI's SENSEI *o*!! i want be your student kevin!!

yeah, you know. i'm still in process with my draw. i'm not pro or anything. i'm still... fail. more FAIL than my friends in my class. my work has been rejected by my sensei (even i couldn'y draw girls =_=;;). when i show him my girls draw, he said "oh, your boys draw is all bishonen, dees"


did he don't see that my girls draw is use some kind of skirts?! *dies*

i like draw bishonen (pretty boy, not handsome) boys with great hair-style :DDD. archie told me that i must draw some character for her with emo's hair. but... i don't know that i'm good at emo's style D:

my day in this weeks is full of schedule. if you call to my mobile, i'm sorry i couldn't answer it because of my WORK PROJECT is still not finish/done since last day *sigh*. really i wanted to go out from this nightmare and have fun with my friends outside in there.

another meme taken from Fyra fyrathilwen 


Colour: you can see my layout and my profile layout. it's full of grey, i needed.

Spice: i can't life without chillies.

Scent: trash. i hate it.

Ice-cream flavour: i hate sweet stuffs.

Fruit: always for apple and orange.

City: hong kong, oh yes 8D.

Season: winter.

Time of day: sleep (if someone doesn't call me or knock my door hard, i won't able to wake up).

Flower: ...orchid?

Landscape: night view scene in hong kong (if your house near the river, we can see the moon on the bautiful river).

Gemstone: None.

Animal: white fox.

Bird: owl. (their eyes is reminds me to kei-chan LOL).

Insect: never touch them since i was kindergarden.

Sea creature: many weird species other than fish (what is that xD?!).

Tree: oh god, i love forest.

Cuisine: to be honest, i love japanese's cuisine.

Dessert: isn't that sweet stuffs?

Sport: tae kwon do, basketball, and snow boarding.

Number: 9.

Subject in school: computer technology, physics, and gym.

Way to spend an evening: go to play ddr (dance dance revolutions) with archie in the mall 8D.

Way to spend a day: i want my project work is done. damn you wacom!

Way to spend a date: ... walk beside the river with our hands is locked.

Winter activity: sitting in front of computer-drinking hot tea.

Spring activity: hanging out with my friends to the net cafe.

Summer activity: go to archie's house to stay at night or eveything crazy JUST with her.

Autumn activity: borrow somekind of books from school library (i know that teacher will give us more about homework in auntumn season TT^TT/)

Style of music: still i love RnB song, after i watched yunho cf (from tvxq) in kbs world, i started like techo music too.

Genre of book:

Type of movie:
IN FULL OF ACTION xDD!! like mandarin's kung-fu.

Style of art:
semi-realistic (with digital art) and line arts.

Style of dress: err... trend style?

Cocktail: my family will kill me if i drink it just for once.

Memory: my weird dream last night. it's scary if i write in here.

Board game:
chess |D.

Card game: poker and uno lol.

Weather: 16°C, that's my room's weather xD

Religion: I am muslim :D but it doesn't matter with me to have friends other than my religion ;3

Hobby: pencil-killer and photographer.

Mythological creature: tsui tsang.

Planet: earth.

Historical period: the end of the world's war.

Body modification (includes hair dye, piercings, etc): okay, my hair is looks like relatife hk boy's hair-style, ah i got piercings too right in my ears since i was a kid :D

Sleeping position: normaly :D.

Swimming stroke: i hate swim.

Method of travel: travel to the fresh air :D.

Word: ANCURIN! (means 'destroy!' in english).

Quality in yourself: my skills in work of art xD

Quality in someone else: their pride.

Decorating style: Modern.

Literary character: hm?

Historical figure: einstein *w* man, i'm really obbessed over with him.

Myth (Greek, Native American, African, etc.): greek. i like watching cleopatra.


Girly thing to do: i want to take a long shower.

Place to shop: kinokuniya.

meme iTunes:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 10 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your flist guess who the artists are.

1 .










for someone who knew dong bang shin gi xD did you ever listen Purple Line Korean ver? ah, i notice that JaeJoong's voice is a bit diffrent. oh god, oh my god, omg!! PURPLE LINE IS KILLINGE ME XDDDD!!! I turn that music in my iTunes is counts 98 wth xD! i listen to dbsk "kiss shita mama sayonara" too ^^ hell yeah, that's the first song from dbsk who can made me crying like an idiot in front of my pc LOL. first, my tears just a little, but when Jae Joong scream "SAYONARA~!!" OMG!!! *slam the keyborad* sajdhuwdjshajkdskadas;;!! I'M CRYING HARD ;A; !! damn you tohoshinki (laughs)!!

Yamu sakube_yamu 
State in your comment you want me to do this meme for you k?
#1 = Tell you why I friended you.
#2 = Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.
#3 = Tell you something I like about you.
#4 = Tell you a memory I have of you.
#5 = Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
#6 = Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
#7 = In return, you must post this in your LJ--but only if you want. (no obligations!)

ps: actually i'm get sick while i wrote about this >D
23rd-Jan-2008 07:09 pm (UTC)
White foxes are so pretty ♥ And I know DBSK but I think I never listened to 'Purple Line' o.O

*raises hand for meme*
23rd-Jan-2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
wow, you're so fast *o*!! i edited my lj for a itunes meme first lol.

yes! white foxes are so pretty *w* i watched them in tv and it's reminds me of niou ^^;; you know DBSK?! you should listen purple line in korea or japanese version :D

okay, this is your meme :)
#1: you're tenimyu and most of rikkai fan ♥
#2: you're looks like Date Kouji ^^ i'm not kidding ;D (when I saw your entry)
#3: nice and friendly, i like friendly people. and you're noticed person ^^.
#4: when you're found niou's cosplay pictures lol.
#5: where do you life? is your place is quite fun in winter season?
#6: Photobucket
23rd-Jan-2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
btw btw oot nih.....hpnya ko ga bisa dihubungin yah??
bole minta tolong di sms aja tak nonya ke gwa

wuihwuih rajinnya cari gambar

Ps: tar di meme gwa ga mau ditulis mesum yah *bawa2 golok
24th-Jan-2008 06:20 am (UTC)
hah? ga bisa di hubungin o_o? dia blg no. hpnya yg itu kok. entar pas hr minggu kan ketemu sama dia lg gwanya \:D/ entar tak tanya lagi sama die~.

itu gambarnya ada di di pc kok. jelas2, tapi ada sebagian yg gwa ilangin gambarnya gara2 ke shift bareng trus ketemu di risaikel bin LOL.

xD!! dr icon mu tuh *nunjuk ke entu* mukanya udah keliatan bgt xD!! *ngakak* kisame bawa golok Dx!! arsen!! kk mu ini bener2 brutal!! Dx!!
ga puas dia nonjok sama tendangin saya @_@~

oke, nih meme nya :D
#1: ehe. asli pertama saya suka ngeliat fanartnya kisame *w*!!!
#2: mw jujur apa mw bo'ong xD? kisame mirip sama niou bgt, pecicilan nan lincah~
#3: saya suka sama kisame soalnya orangnya pengertian sm temen <3 *jujur*.
#4: waktu kita ke citos lol. ga kuat ngingetnya xD!
#5: errr.... kolam renang di rumahmu dalemnya brapa meter?
#6: i like this *o*!!! --->Photobucket
(Deleted comment)
24th-Jan-2008 06:41 am (UTC)
LOL!! you have homework xD?! me too!! i finished my homework at 2 a.m to 3 a.m xDD!!

this the meme :)
#1: you've the same comm like me \:D/ i started to like hitman reborn too! ('coz of the cosplayers effects lol)
#2: you're looks like Hihara Kazuki 火原 和樹 the main character from Kin'iro no Koruda 金色のコルダ 8D!
#3: you're seems like street dance and of course fan girl-ing! lol. i like the way you do some meme <3.
#4: honestly, i don't know about you |D but... i know you're good friend to be ^^.
#5: are you.... CLAMP fan xD?
#6: Photobucket
i'll, thank you m(_ _)m
24th-Jan-2008 01:24 pm (UTC)
boyband smua..

*comments the meme* lu da prnh comment gw punya blm?
24th-Jan-2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
hoe? boyband? ada yg kagak kok, ada yg single singer malahan ^^ itu cuman gambarnya ajah mereka ga megang alat2 musik \:DD/

udah dung~ sekarang gantian (o_<)/
#1: you're fun person to friend with xD! and seems your entry talk about your friends too :D
#2: hmm... knew Deidara from Naruto? yes, he's like you ^^;;
#3: katokeikatokeikatokeikatokei fan *w*
#4: pas pertama kali ketemu di feldroom court buat cosplay all cast <3
#5: what's your favorite subject in school? and of course, did syney is cool at night view?
#6: sairui :3 Photobucket
24th-Jan-2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
I haven't heard the korean version, but the japanese version is soooo addicting! I'm in love with Jaejoong's voice. <3
25th-Jan-2008 09:23 am (UTC)
You must heard it :33!! I'm more like to listen DBSK in korean version \:D/ oh, JaeJoong's voice? The dorky one in DBSK? LOL his hair-style in changed to in T album 8D!

here's the meme :)
#1: oh gosh you're rikkai fan *w*!! (I always get hyper like this when I found another rikkai fan xD!)
#2: you're looks like Akira from Nebagiba! manga :D
#3: like I said before to Ravie ravient that I like friendly people who like/love about her/his friends <3 and that's you ^^ I read that you sometimes talk about your friends etc :D you're comfortable to talk with :3
#4: hmm... like what? we haven't meet each other yet ^^;;
#5: are you like to listen the music other than japanese songs?
#6: this!!!! ---> Photobucket
24th-Jan-2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
i never take a lesson for drawing, but i know some of the acolyte teacher in Bandung. Don't know about Jakarta.

And i must admit that i cannot draw girls too... i utterly failed, even shin is the one who draw cheryse for me. It's a shame really .... XP
25th-Jan-2008 09:50 am (UTC)
you-you-you know some of the acolyte teacher in Bandung *shock* did you see the one who always use the... black coat and have a chinese face and of course he's a man around 20? the teacher from Bandung is come to Jakarta too (^o^)/ i'm take a lesson for drawing in Kelapa Gading mall 8D not in Sharinah. and the teacher i wrote before have been come to my place in that mall <3

yeah, girls is difficult ;_________; since i was stop to draw girls in 5th grade (because of i like to read/watch anime/manga about shonen lol).

meme time xD!
#1: honestly, because of you're cosplayer *w*!!! (i'm so addicted about cosplayers xD!)
#2: you're looks like Kenjou Shiki from KAMUI manga 8D!
#3: wow, you're straight-forward and to the point person :D I like the person who have the characters like you and if you don't likes something, you always refuse it whitout able to take back what are you doing. many people is lie about thier own feelings but you're diffrent one. i like people like you <3.
#4: when you're sick, i was worried ;_; i'm scary of sick.
#5: how's singapore 8D?! what kind of places should i visit sometimes? and... where i could get net cafe in there?
#6: family *o*!! ---> Photobucket
14th-May-2008 05:47 am (UTC)
It seems you are very interesting. I loved your meme

If you don't mind I added you as my friend.
Friend me back? :D
I hope we can be very closed
24th-May-2008 05:00 am (UTC)
hyaaa i'm so sorry for the late replay.
i'm really sorry, because i had a exams soon.

and... anyway :D i'll add you as my friend of course.
because i seems like to contact with another friends.

waiting :3

my meme? XD
thank you.
14th-Nov-2008 03:10 am (UTC)
sorry that i have to post this here but since you have enabled the privacy options for your messages i cannot pm you. please email me at l.maii@live.com, subject: secret santa 08 in order to receive a member to prepare your gift for.

feel free to delete this comment~
15th-Nov-2008 02:52 am (UTC)
so i must pick one of the the member's name, isn't it right?
9th-Mar-2013 03:30 pm (UTC) - the fics

what i meant was yes, i have that fic.. and i also have all sweetspring's fics..
can you give me ur email..?? i'll send the fic to you..

btw, somehow, i can't send you a pm...

12th-Mar-2013 01:48 am (UTC) - Re: the fics
wow thank you :D!
i would like to have all of her fics!
my email is enderforest@gmail.com
sorry for the late reply ^^
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