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January 1st, 2008 
JE || shigetehopi
to all my friends from Indonesia, Hong Kong (mayu i miss you so much), and from my f-list (added: Yuu :D) i wanted to say i'm so sorry if i had a bad move or anything made you angry at me or want to kill me (especially is Archie :D).

created by me; rourietosama  
image credit: rikkai fanart @ rikkai.net


this meme i taken from Grey  greyhakuro  :DD

once again, i'm glad i had a new friends from many countries or another states :DDD
ilu guys who's always gave me comments and share your feelings with me, yokatta ne.

again, thank you so much!

well, go to sleep now (^o^)/

ps: sorry i can't post  rikkai cosplay "backstage" and "sanayuki" parts because my card reader is still stolen by my older brother T^T/ sorry, maybe sometimes.

Edit 1: *pround pose* finally, finally!! I found Sanada's cosplayer from TAT's name :DD yeah!! learn chinese is not bad as i hough ^^ *quickly write in notepad*. i'll quickly search for niou <3
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