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January 2nd, 2008 
FT Island || waiting
gah, i'm so tired doing like this. oh well, this is my claim list everyone \:D/ i forgot to put in my last 2007 entry :33
and now here it is! my claim list and my rating in tenipuri/tenimyu, JE's fandom, Air Gear, and Death Note

trip study in Hong Kong (plan changed :D)
finally i was so happy to hear from my father that i'll move to Hong Kong on January 30 to February 10 2008 \:D/ he's changed the plan so quickly :D and i'm not school in there!! but he still searching for my mandarin's teacher, che =.=
i'll try to online in there, okay? but just one thing i want to warn you (especially my friends from indonesia) do not call me. because i'll lose the signal in there and your number will be "private number" on my mobile phone screen. so, i decided not to bring my phone while i in there. really, i'm so sorry about this. i'll study in there, not as holiday m(_ _)m.

fanart styles=uke?
ah, ah, tried to draw niou again this day (added: bunta, of course <3) but... i don't know why since i changed my old style to new style like this. my draw is looks like.... UKE?! O___________________O;; (i'll post this unbelieveble draw next time after i finish it) happy now, Ai aibachyderu? now i can draw OshiGaku again for you if you want :D

Uriel rxrshrine photobook is so cute, i love sweet pair! (even i hate sweet stuufs (_ _)|||)
to Uriel rxrshrine, i found your blog on exteen.com and i had download your photobook that you cosplay as marui bunta and your friend as jirou *o* that's cool photobook!
thanks to Ai aibachyderu for the link!

awesome cosplayers
oh yeah, ineeded. niou cosplayers are KILLING ME XDDD LOLZ. i always get so... exited everytime i see someone who's cosplay as niou or everything about rikkai (*___________*) this is

public announcement wth XD?! (chiharu kazuhikochiharu, ai aibachyderu, iori, and hikaru shut up! XD)
you know? i started like masa while i was stalking his blog to see his pictures DX gah! i got karmaaa!!


i like the guy who's use megane and has bishonen's hair?
when i was finished watch "Bishonen Celebrity", i love him the most because of his characters is so cold *_________* that's makes him looks cool :3

at least, Marui rin_saito say again that i'm looks more like a guy not like a girl?

notice at my music? "Super Junior - Rokkuguh" this is Widi-chan kisame_widi's fault who's turn on this music everytimes XD now, i'm downloading the MV because of you lolz
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