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January 6th, 2008 
TVXQ || Jae Joong -Reflect-
again, i was bored =_=
no-one can in here i can to talk to. well, my older brother seems in the bad mood, now. i don't know why but after he back from Kelapa Gading Mall, he runs to his room and kick the door hard O_O. seriously, i don't know anything. then, he locked the door by him self. i know all about him, if he gets angry, he'll come to my room to talk to me (and then, he mad at me because i'm too lazy to listen about his complains TT^TT/) or he'll listen to the visual-kei's music or korean's boyband in his ipod.

also, if my older brother is getting angry, all peoples in my house is completely silents.
hey, hey, he's the 2nd killer person who can make us afraid if he get mad (after my father of course :D)
ehem, maybe i just keep silent in front of him tomorrow?

oh yeah! and the great news is my father and my mother will come back to Indonesia tomorrow at 09.00 p.m \:D/ finally they're come back to home! *hugs*. my father bought something for me and i'm sure i'll post about that things in here :D

taken this meme from Fyra fyrathilwen  :D lol

the end?
hey, dees. where's niou's cosplayer you promised last update?
ah, forget about it right now. i'm so exited when i saw this from friendster and now i got it from the orginial one :3
thanks Ai aibachyderu for the friendster link! *bows*
for Chiharukazuhikochiharu, if saw this, you'll die. i'm sure you'll die. so please, do not open this. papa kane and kento-nii will killing me if i show you THIS picture. lol.

is anyone who see this can tell me that this is a doujinshi or a fanart O_O?
i was really confused with this because i'm not good in japanese okay?

oh god, niou you such an aggressive guy XD! look, yagyuu's face is so tired but you still doing it
eerr... yes, am i? *smacked* LOL.
sampe lj-cutnya ajah yg ini di bold-tin gara2 ratingnya r :D *nyerngit lg!*

you know? i still searching for another cosplayers but seems i write "niou" in the google, this picture is squealed me up from my bed. ARGHHHHH! just tell me who's the one can make such a PRETTY GOOD art like this?! *slam the keyboard*

Edit 1: why i'm not use chinese again?
i just check net that i already install the chinese language or not. lol. seriously XD! and seems that everyone who's don't know about chinese, i better switch to english right? <3
Edit 2: YAY \:D/ mamih (mama) Toki seraphin_kaegan will go to Japan and she promised to give me Kripik Singkong made by Chiba in there~~ OHHHH~ KRIPIK-SAMA *w* does anyone who read this know "Kripik Singkong" in english?
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